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Disconnectors Switch Tripolar

Model "DS III" / 15-38 kV / 400-1250 A

Disconnector medium voltage, external use, tripolar, no load operation and manufactured according to ANSI and NBR IEC 62271-102 standards.

Each pole comprises two columns of lateral support type isolators and a central rod type insulator. The main movable contacts are the double knife type, and the fixed contacts are arranged to support the efforts resulting electrodynamic requests.

Key Features:

The three-pole disconnectors keys BRAZIL'S SEI are manufactured following modern process technologies and materials.

  • The disconnector vertical opening was developed specifically to meet CAPACITORS BANKS, may have other applications in the electrical system;
  • Electrolytic copper alloy terminals of high electrical conductivity, with normalized holes (NEMA);
  • Main blades of electrolytic copper alloy of high electric conductivity and mechanical strength;
  • Contact tinned or silver-plated electrolytic copper, high conductivity;
  • The base is made of folded sheet of galvanized carbon steel with fire;
  • Porcelain insulators or epoxy resin cycloaliphatic use EXTERNAL (own production), with high mechanical strength and distance flow to 36mm / kV;
  • Mounting only basis;
  • Flip;
  • Horizontal, vertical or inverted mounting;
  • Ground connector (25 to 70mm²).

Available accessories:

To meet the most complete application of the three-pole key vertical opening for capacitor banks, the following accessories can be applied:

  • Manual override (with auxiliary contacts box);
  • Motor control;
  • Locks: electromagnetic (solenoid) or mechanical (Kirk or simple lock);
  • Auxiliary contacts NO and / or NC;
  • Earth blade incorporated.


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