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Disconnectors Switch From Ground Tetrapolar

Model "DS IV" / 15-38 kV / 400 800 A

Quadrupole grounding disconnector medium voltage, external use, no-load operation is manufactured according to ANSI and NBR IEC 62271-102 standards. Each pole consists of an insulator type support and their fixed and moving contacts. The main movable contacts are the double knife type, and the fixed contacts are arranged to support the efforts resulting electrodynamic requests.

The four-pole grounding disconnect switches BRAZIL'S SEI are manufactured following modern process technologies and materials.

  • The four-pole disconnect switch grounding was developed specifically for use in capacitor banks and FILTERS HARMONIC;
  • Blades, Terminals and Contacts made of electrolytic copper alloy of high electrical conductivity;
  • Single basic pioneer project for 4 poles, permits presetting of the poles in the factory, thus facilitating the assembly in the field;
  • The base is made of folded sheet of galvanized carbon steel with fire;
  • Porcelain insulators or epoxy resin cycloaliphatic use EXTERNAL (own production), with high mechanical strength and distance flow to 36mm / kV;
  • Flip;
  • Ground connector (25 to 70mm²).

Available accessories:

To meet the most complete applications of earthing switches for capacitor banks, the following accessories can be applied:

  • Manual override (with auxiliary contacts box);
  • Motor control;
  • Locks: electromagnetic (solenoid) or mechanical (Kirk or simple lock);
  • NO contacts auxiliary and / or NF.
  • Disconnecting Switch From Aterrament


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