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Support Insulator

Insulator Epoxy Resin Support cycloaliphatic / Model "RSI" / 15-38 kV

Polymeric isolators type SUPPORT, not compounds, are manufactured in epoxy resin cycloaliphatic, suitable for outdoor use. Tested according to IEC 62217, UL 94, IEC TS 62073, ASTM G154 / 00 and NBR 6936/1992 overcome a wide margin similar porcelain.

Polymeric insulators represent a significant breakthrough in the use of electrical equipment, substations, transmission and distribution lines.

BRAZIL'S SEI insulators are manufactured following modern process technologies (APG) and materials and we highlight the following advantages:

  • High resistance to electrical tracking and arc power;
  • High mechanical strength;
  • Lower mass compared to porcelain insulators easier handling and installation;
  • Excellent performance in harsh environment with flow distance up to 36 mm / kV;
  • Alternating skirts that keep the insulation in the face of severe rain, ice accumulation or aggressive pollution sites;


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