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Capacitors and Capacitor's Bank

The Capacitors Type-S13, pure polypropylene film, feature the latest manufacturing methods, tested to meet or exceed the requirements of IEC and IS standards. Its low cost per kVAr makes these capacitors a simple and cost-effective source of reactive power in electric power systems to improve power factor and reduce losses in electric transmission lines and voltage drop.

Key Features:

  • Maximum 20,70kV tension;
  • Maximum 750kV power;
  • Dielectric film of pure polypropylene (APP);
  • Ultra-low losses;
  • For indoor and outdoor use, with entry-level impulse (BIL) up to 96kV;
  • Superior electrical performance;
  • Housing construction with improvements in anti-breakage characteristics;
  • The capacitors are protected by fuses, internal or external;
  • Box made of high grade steel and finished in highly corrosion resistant epoxy;
  • Wet process - porcelain enameled bushings for greater strength and durability, airtight tank to the capacitor;
  • Internal discharge resistors which reduce the voltage by 50 V or less, 10 minutes or less, after disconnecting the capacitor;
  • Identification plate required by IS, stainless steel.

Application of Capacitor:

An evaluation of the power system is required to determine:

  • KVAR required;
  • More effective positioning;
  • Necessary protection.

As a rule the capacitors are installed:

  • Substation for effective supply of necessary kVAr;
  • Near the load center: for optimized supply of KVAR and voltage corrections;
  • At the end of the line for the maximum voltage correction.


The medium voltage capacitors are classified by continuous runs schemes to work at ambient temperatures of -20 ° C to 50 ° C. Manufactured to produce no less kVAR rated voltage and frequency, they are subjected to all dielectric patterns of IEC and IS. The single-phase capacitors from 50kVAr 50kVAr to operate with security up to 135% of the stipulated KVAR. The 35% more includes:

  • kVAr caused by excessive voltage at rated frequency;
  • KVAR added by harmonic voltage superimposed on the voltage current frequency;
  • kVAr attributable to tolerance in manufacturing;

A maximum operating voltage of 110% of rated voltage is recommended. The capacitors include a safety factor, allowing a tolerance caused by charge exchange, without causing damage to about momentary voltages. The nominal frequency of the capacitor is 60Hz (50Hz if applicable), and the output kVAr varies directly in relation to the applied frequency and the rated frequency.

Dimencionamento the Capacitor Bank:

Capacitive KVAR required for improving the power factor of a load, can be calculated using the nomogram. However in most cases the rating of the capacitor bank has to be selected after study cuidadisamente nominal system voltage to system voltage, the system harmonics, etc. In addition to a correct choice of capacitor bank size, reliability also depends on the correct choice of extra equipment, such as circuit breakers, reactors, protective relays, etc.

It is essential to check that the installation of the seat does not cause stress to the system due to resonance.


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