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Clinkstone is an industrial, hard and dense laminate, manufactured under high pressure and process heat applications in cellulose layers impregnated with synthetic resins (phenolic). A chemical reaction (polymerization) occurs, crowding the layers on a solid, compact mass.

The Clinkstone is manufactured by BRAZIL'S SEI and can be used in:

  • Bearings;
  • Collars;
  • Suction box covers;
  • Insulators;
  • Connectors;
  • Cable glands;
  • Scrapers;
  • Couplings filter;
  • Scrapers for cylinders;
  • Shuttles;
  • Spinning pots;
  • Spools;
  • Spacers;
  • Shims;
  • Racks;
  • Gears.


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